Overcoming Obesity And 
General Fitness

Functional movement and fitness are overlapping areas.  To perform functional movements well, such as lifting an object off the floor or walking, a certain amount of fitness is needed.  Similarly, to improve fitness, a baseline level of functional strength and neurological control is required.

Physicians often tell their patients they need to lose weight and get on an exercise program, like the gentleman to the right.  But his chances of success with this approach are low.  His feet, knees, and hips are all externally rotated and his foot is inverted.  He is running uphill but likely does not have sufficient leg strength to do this initially.  Injuries are a high probability such as patellofemoral syndrome, back pain, and medial knee strain.

A superior approach is show to the left.   Before starting significant walking or running, patients gait are corrected.  Quadriceps and other core building is initiated.  A baseline level of flexibility is established.  Finally patients are instructed on dietary approaches and reasonable milestones are established.

Patients are also taught other fitness options to walking or using a stationary bike.  These include kettleball and combat work-outs.

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