Allied health experts are essential in injury prevention, injury restoration, and fitness.  But as described in detail already, these disorders are medical and not purely mechanical conditions.  So as in other areas of medicine, a non-surgical physician needs to direct the overall care of the patient.  The concept of physicians using black box referrals to PT and fitness centers needs to be eliminated.  In addition, all members of the patient care chain must understand the patient care plan which integrates the kinetic chain and neuromuscular dysfunction.  We provide services to PCPs, allied health, and patients.  


  1. -On-line consultation with patients

  2. -On-line consultation with health care providers

  3. -On-line or On-site educational courses for health care providers

  4. -Education programs, diagnosis trees, treatment protocols, and integration technologies for providers

  5. -Establishing fitness centers for PCP practices tailored to the SeizeHealth approach

  6. -Continued technology development and alliances with technology companies for ultimate clinical use.

Unmet Clinical Needs:

Primary patient population:

-There is a need to reduce the progressive decrease in function with age related to musculoskeletal impairment. 

-There is a need to non-surgically alleviate symptoms in patients with current musculoskeletal disease.

-There is a need to reduce or prevent musculoskeletal pathology in patients undergoing fitness programs to control chronic disease (such as obesity, diabetes, and hypertension) or to improve fitness (such as running).

Secondary patient population:

-There is a need to maintain or improve function in all joints chronically in patients who have undergone surgical intervention. 

-There is a need to maintain or improve function in all joints in patients who a rheumatologic disease, but inflammation has a baited. 

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